Wednesday, October 31

Why So Serious?

Batman: The Dark Knight viral site Why So Serious? has a Halloween treat, with images and items hidden in various cities. Most have already found theirs and submitted photos, but one has not -- Atlanta! The work of the Joker, it seems...

#1: Click the letter ('C'? Backwards 'D'?) at the lower right to reveal the clue and submit a digital image.

"On Peachtree between Ellis and Andrew Young, this glass target will Tower above you, even thought it's lowercase."

#2: Click the top piece under the razor knife.

"Spring St NW between Walton and Poplar. In front of the 107 door."

Any idea, Atlanta folks?

Supposedly something cool will happen when all have been revealed. Hmm...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

when completed it should say: "the only sensible way to live in the world is without rules"

12:43 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Sure, but I'm curious what happens afterward...

12:47 PM

Anonymous Postlibyan said...

latest update -- looks liek it was found by Dusty Brown. and Atlanta was the L in rules. not sure where you got C/Backwards D.

11:57 AM

Blogger Rich said...

It was just what the partial dot from the "i" looked like. There were actually three letters from Atlanta, but I only know what two of them were. Missed the first one.

12:00 PM


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