Tuesday, January 8

Free Saddle Creek sampler!

The folks at Saddle Creek have released a free sampler to kick off 2008, and it has a nice selection of tracks from their recent releases. They officially released it via BitTorrent, but now you can also grab it from Sendspace. The track listing:

- Saddle Creek 2008 sampler -

Art In Manila - I Thought I Was Free
Bright Eyes - I Must Belong Somewhere
Georgie James - Look Me Up
Maria Taylor - Clean Getaway
The Good Life - Keely Aimee
Two Gallants - Miss Meri

You can order music from there artists and others from the Saddle Creek store.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Georgie. Nice ditty, a new fave. ! love em

1:26 AM

Blogger Paul said...

The Georgie James record is ace, completely overlooked in 2007. I think i'm one of the only blogs that had it in their top 20 :(

4:12 AM

Anonymous Omar Shaukat said...

Glad to see some Georgie James appreciation going around. I did an in-studio with them yesterday. You can find that here:


3:00 PM


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