Monday, January 7

FREE Download of Brooke Waggoner’s Fresh Pair of Eyes EP

One of my favorite discoveries (thanks goes to Rich for posting about her) of 2007 was Nashville’s Brooke Waggoner. Her excellent six-song EP Fresh Pair of Eyes still remains a pleasant surprise to listen to from the very first moment heard it. I was also lucky enough to see her perform here in Auburn, and she managed to sway the entire audience, albeit small, with her tender voice and masterful ability at the piano. It’s not often that I lavish that kind of praise on my own blog, but I think it’s well deserving for a very talented individual.

For a person that’s an absolute delight to talk to, she’s also very down-to-earth and appreciative of everything. This appreciation is even more evident now that she’s made available her EP for FREE. Head over to her website and download it, as I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Download Fresh Pair of Eyes for free!

Brooke Waggoner :: “Hush If You Must”

Brooke Waggoner :: “Wonder-Dummied”


Blogger Lil'B said...

i cannot express how elated I am that people are finding Brooke! I know I'm not an anyone, but Wonder Dummied is on my top 5 from '07. Grab this girls stuff while you can.

1:54 AM


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