Friday, February 15

Friday Night Fights: Knockout!!!

When you're one of the most formidable strongmen in the Marvel Universe, like Absorbing Man, you'd think you could handle Wasp and Ant-Man (well, Ant-Man II, Scott Lang). Apparently, you'd be wrong. From Avengers #275 by Roger Stern and John Buscema (January 1987):

An ass-kicking and a Burt Reynolds reference. Now that's embarrassing. The bopping in question:

Bahlactus is pleased. Sally Field too.


Blogger fishbulb said...

the Hooper theme song is pretty genius. I especially like how the word "stuntman" is repeated four times at the end. I'm going to have to check this one out since Hank Pym likes it so much.

4:05 PM

Blogger Rich said...

This is actually the Scott Lang Ant-Man, so he doesn't have Hank's brains.

And I'd never even heard of 'Hooper' before reading that panel. There's a pop culture reference that didn't stand the test of time.

4:06 PM

Blogger fishbulb said...

Damn, Scott Lang? I guess its all coming together with why Ant Man loves Burt Reynolds so much. Hank Pym probably would have been smart enough to reference a better late 70s movie known for its punching like...I don't know...Rocky.

and while I'm at is that punch ANYTHING like the punch from the clip? It's not an uppercut and Burt Reynolds didn't grow from ant size to human size to surprise this "Robert Klein" (a man whoes career has also not stood the test of time from the looks of IMDB)

I cry foul.

3:42 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Good point re: the punch. Maybe Stern saw the movie and Buscema couldn't be bothered?

Also, now I want to see Burt Reynolds grow from ant-size to deliver an uppercut. Desperately.

I think they are planning an Ant-Man movie...

4:09 PM


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