Saturday, February 16

Watercolor Paintings - "Happyships"

Thanks to a free compilation from ACOSM Records, I was recently introduced to Santa Barbara, California folk/punk artist Watercolor Paintings. Behind the name are Rebecca Redman and her brother Howsha, who offer up some seriously charming and lovely tunes. Recommended for fans of K Records fare or Athens' own Madeline Adams.

Watercolor Paintings - Happyships

Upcoming shows for Watercolor Paintings:

2/16 Velvet Jones, Santa Barbara, CA (with St. Vincent!)
3/25 Slack Ranch, Napa, CA
4/04 House show, Los Angeles, CA (with Griznar Collective)
4/05 Che Cafe, San Diego, CA

To hear more from them, visit their Myspace. "Tender Loving Care" made me laugh outloud.


Blogger Ryan said...

damnit rich! I have to say, the lyrics definitely leave me wanting more, but this melody is going to be stuck in my head for the next week, I just know it.

8:31 AM

Anonymous Tony said...

I'm glad i could introduce you to some new music that you liked. :)

12:49 PM

Blogger Rebecca said...

hey, this is sweet.

9:45 PM


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