Monday, March 3

Cap, Wolvie, and the art of Jeremy Roberts

Stuff like this reminds me why the Internet is awesome.

Over at the deviantART site, illustrator, inker, and colorist Jeremy Roberts is sharing several pieces depicting characters from comics and movies. Among them are digital paintings that reimagine the cover and first five pages of Uncanny X-Men #268 (September 1990). Originally written by Chris Claremont and illustrated by Jim Lee, that comic told the story of Wolverine and Captain America's first meeting in 1941. They take on ninjas and Nazis while filling in a cool bit of history for each character.

Check out his gallery for the full images, but here are two panels from Uncanny X-Men #268 and the corresponding work by Roberts:

From Uncanny X-Men #268, page 4

By Jeremy Roberts

From Uncanny X-Men #268, page 5

By Jeremy Roberts

That's some pretty nice stuff. Roberts has also done published work for Marvel, Image, and Devil's Due recently, and I'll be looking out for his name from here on out.


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