Monday, April 14

Cap, Cap, Cap

Newsarama has just posted solicits for several July 2008 books, including Captain America #40. Yes, please:

So by this time we'll have the current Cap (Bucky Barnes), Invaders Cap (WWII-era Steve Rogers), and whomever Bucky is fighting above all appearing in Marvel books. I guess I'll get my fill one way or the other.


Blogger Ryanetics said...

Oh yeah! I'm excited!!!

12:45 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Oh, and I totally overlooked the Loeb/Sale series that starts in July, 'Captain America: White.' I'll just wait and buy that in hardcover though.

12:47 PM

Blogger fishbulb said...

I just read the first secret invasion and I can wait to find out what the hell is going on. Is this how they are going to bring the old Cap (or an alternate version of Steve Rogers) back? Fans would probably be pissed if that were the case.

3:42 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Brubaker says they're not going the Skrull or clone route to bring back Steve, so I'll believe him. The non-Bucky Cap in #40 is working for the Red Skull in some capacity and was first shown in #36 last month. I have a good idea who it is, but don't want to spoil anything.

3:45 PM


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