Tuesday, June 24

Five minute 'Batman: Gotham Knight' preview released

You know, as much as DC can't get their act together with regard to live action flicks (Batman excepted), they continue to churn out really interesting animated material. On July 8 they'll release Batman: Gotham Knight to DVD, with six stories that take place between Batman Begins and the forthcoming The Dark Knight. DC has been kind enough to release a five-minute preview from a clip titled "Crossfire" via the MTV Movies Blog. Beware... this is probably PG-13 material, so you may not call your little Bat-fan over to the computer just yet.

Batman: Gotham Knight is available now for pre-order.


Anonymous The Mild Mannered Secretary said...

Spot on with your comment that DC's animation rules. My heart belongs to JLU's Flash, so I speak with bias, but DC has always done their characters justice in animation. Nowhere moreso than Batman. They're very protective of him on all sides, feature, print, animation, etc.

Smallville had its hand smacked several times for daring to reach for that particular cookie jar. Thank god DC had the good sense to keep their money making property away from that trainwreck.

Good stuff here. Amazing lighting, among other things. I have to go share this with the best friend, who's a longtime Bats girl.

If only they'd be half so innovative and kick ass with their treatment of Supes.

8:10 AM


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