Tuesday, July 15

Introducing the new face of Auto-Tune...

Seriously. That song's more processed than 24 Kraft singles. You have to love the company that Coldplay keeps in the Top 10 singles chart.

I'll also note that the entertainment editor of Emory University's student paper, The Emory Wheel, has referred to her as "[i]ndie songstress Kate Perry with Capitol Records." Does not compute. Come on Emory kids -- let's not devalue my Ph.D. already, eh?


Blogger Christin said...

Yeah. That song is ridiculous.

I tried e-mailing you at the linked gmail address, because I've been reading your blog for a while now (I love it!) and I had a band recommendation for you, along with some mp3s. But your gmail bounced! I didn't know it was *possible* to fill up a gmail box, so, uh, congratulations? At any rate, the band is called Bound Stems, and they're amazing, and they're coming to the Earl in August, and I'll send you mp3s if you have a working e-mail address. :-) (Of course, the ubiquitous www.myspace.com/boundstems works just dandy.)


12:57 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Christin -- Danke!

FWIW, my Gmail says I'm only at 47% capacity. I bet it bounced because of the attachments. I think it maxes out at 10mb.

1:08 AM


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