Friday, August 8

'Heroes' comes to Athens comics shop

Well, this is odd.

Over at EW's Ausiello Files, a reader sent in a perfectly innocent question about the upcoming season of Heroes. I find the answer quite amusing.

Question: What is up with Kristen Bell and Heroes? It’s been ages since we’ve heard anything. -- Steven
She's back on the set shooting her multi-episode arc as we speak! Woo-hoo! In other Heroes news, look for the action (or at least part of the action) to shift to a comic book shop in Athens, Georgia around Episode 11.

Oh, boy. The gents at Bizarro Wuxtry are going to love this news. Replicate this, Heroes.

Thanks to Wendi for the tip!


Anonymous The Mild Mannered Secretary said...

So have your sources heard anything of this? I still find it hilarious, and it will only be more random and awesome if they've heard nothing about it.

3:24 PM


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