Thursday, August 14

Noot d' Noot, Judi Chicago at Lenny's this Saturday

A brief interlude from Popfest shenanigans to note a show in Atlanta this weekend...

Fresh off their great performance last night, Judi Chicago will play with Noot d' Noot this Saturday night at Lenny's Bar. This is actually the final show of their "Worming the Starhole" residency this summer, during which the two bands have shared the bill. I'm assured this last event will be a special one, and here's the rundown:

Judi Chicago and Noot D' Noot presents
Worming the Starhole 4: the final summer party
Starring Judi Chicago, Noot D' Noot & our special guests:
The Chief Acid Officer (with a live set of blistering acid house and electro squelch)
DJ DVA (of Beachtitti Fame) playing music to soundtrack your fun.

The whole glorious cabaret will kick off at 10pm.

Have you heard these guys?

Judi Chicago - Burger Joy
Noot d' Noot - Neighborhood Clucker

Should be all kinds of fun.


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