Saturday, May 27

Final Fantasy 1-11-2006 @ The Great Hall, Toronto

As I imagine many of you know, Final Fantasy is the project of violinist/vocalist Owen Pallett. Pallett has collaborated with The Arcade Fire among other acts, but his solo career has taken off in the last year or so. This is a pretty nice audience recording before an appreciative crowd. Owen is chatty between songs and sounds great. Along with some older material, Pallett and his "band" here play through a number of songs that will appear on his forthcoming release titled He Poos Clouds.

Final Fantasy
January 11, 2006
Over the Top Festival
The Great Hall
Toronto, Ontario

01. Spell For A Weakling Heart
02. Hey Dad
03. He Poos Clouds
04. Song Song Song
05. That's When The Audience Died
06. The Sea
07. Furniture
08. The CN Tower Belongs To The Dead
09. Many Lives -> 49 MP
10. Please Please Please
11. Robot Ponies*
12. This Modern Love
[Bloc Party cover]

* with Laura Barrett

Also on the bill were Akron/Family and Great Lake Swimmers

Pre-order He Poos Clouds here. While you're at it, visit his official site.


Blogger shane said...

thanks! I've been looking to get all of this show for ages.

12:54 PM

Blogger Mark Weaver said...

fantastic. I especially enjoyed that bloc party cover.

hey if you're bored sometime, check out my podcast. its on my blog.

3:03 PM


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