Tuesday, March 7

Atlanta/Athens weekend preview

Can you tell I'm looking forward to this week's run of shows? I'm putting this together on Tuesday night. Heh.

Well, we've got a hell of a lot of good music in the area this weekend. I'll be going to Wilco on Thursday, Silver Jews on Friday, and Silver Jews again on Saturday. Woohoo. However, there's even more good stuff going on. In fact, there's a ridiculous amount of stuff going on. Here's a rundown of some highlights, with links to some of the artists:

3/9 Wilco @ Classic Center (ATH)
3/9 Brilliant Inventions @ Eddie's Attic (ATL)
3/9 G. Love and Special Sauce @ Georgia Theatre (ATH)

3/10 The Black Lips @ Drunken Unicorn (ATL)
3/10 Untied States @ Eyedrum (ATL)
3/10 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah @ Variety Playhouse (ATL)
3/10 Slush Co/Velcro Stars @ Lenny's (ATL)
3/10 Murder Beach @ Tasty World (ATH)
3/10 Silver Jews @ 40 Watt (ATH)
3/10 Harry and the Potters @ Masquerade (ATL)

3/11 Maserati @ Caledonia Lounge (ATH)
3/11 Silver Jews @ The EARL (ATL)
3/11 Mogwai @ Whirlyball (ATL-area)
3/11 Cordalene @ 10 High (ATL)
3/11 Tin Cup Prophette/Liz Durrett @ 40 Watt (ATH)

3/12 Mogwai @ Whirlyball (ATL-area)
3/12 Cassavetes @ The EARL (ATL)
3/12 Kristian Bush/Matthew Kahler @ Eddie's Attic (ATL)

Um... holy crap. If I missed anything, feel free to say so in the comments. I didn't dig all that deeply.

Bummed I'll have to miss Tin Cup Prophette, as I've been meaning to check out Amanda K.'s solo act for a while. I plan to feature Velcro Stars, Cordalene, and hopefully The Black Lips before their shows this week. What a weekend, eh?


Blogger Fat Asian Baby said...

what, pray tell, was your inclusion criteria for those that are linked and those that are not?
mmm...sweet tasty tasty weekend.

5:08 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Mostly just linked bands that people would be less familiar with. That's all. No science to it.

7:07 PM


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