Thursday, March 30

The Jupiter Watts / ATL weekend preview

The Jupiter Watts are a quartet from here in Atlanta. They play guitar-driven rock along the lines of Guided by Voices, Built to Spill, or Superchunk. Some moments also remind me of R.E.M. or Cracker as well. Perhaps unsurprisingly, their MySpace page lists a number of classic rock and '90s indie rock bands among their influences. Their current (and second) album, Let It Lie, has received rave reviews from both Stomp and Stammer and EvilSponge. It's ten tracks of new millenium rock with clear roots in the tradition of their indie rock predecessors. "Standing on the shoulders of giants" is the relevant phrase, right? I don't believe they've gotten much exposure beyond the Atlanta market, so here's a chance for folks to check out a couple of their tracks. Thanks to the band for giving me a chance to listen!

The Jupiter Watts - Strange Things Happen Every Day
The Jupiter Watts - Atom Mine

They have upcoming Atlanta shows on March 31 at Lenny's (with The Orphins, The Blue Hour, and Club Awesome) and April 8 at The EARL (with The Liverhearts and Moresight).

You can buy the album from CD Baby. For more info, see their official site or MySpace page.


Atlanta weekend preview

Here's a peek at the goings-on in Atlanta this weekend (though far from comprehensive). I've provided mp3 samples where I could find 'em. The shows with stars are where you can find me and my mic stand. Come say hi if you want.

3/31 @ Lenny's, $6
The Orphins, The Jupiter Watts, The Blue Hour, Club Awesome
The Orphins - Camp Cryotop
The Jupiter Watts - Strange Things Happen Every Day

3/31 @ Variety Playhouse, $14*
Mates of State, Magnolia Electric Co. , Destroyer, Maria Taylor
Mates of State - Fraud in the '80s
Magnolia Electric Co. - The Dark Don't Hide It
Destroyer - European Oils
Maria Taylor - Song Beneath the Song

3/31 @ The EARL, $15
The Books, Grizzly Bear
The Books - (link to Hype Machine)
Grizzly Bear - Fix It

3/31 @ Hard Rock Cafe, $7
Sovus Radio, Elevation, Manchester Orchestra (Elevation CD release party)
Sovus Radio - Love as a Bruise
Elevation - FaceDown
Manchester Orchestra - Alice and Interiors

4/1 @ Vinyl, $6
Tora Tora Tora, AutoVaughn, Boulevard
Tora Tora Tora - Last Call
Boulevard - Octane Lovers

4/1 @ Lenny's, $7*
The Selmanaires, Anna Kramer, The Judies, The Roy Owens Jr.
The Selmanaires - Images
Anna Kramer - I Can't Take It
The Judies - Rainyday Roads
The Roy Owens Jr. - Nearly Perfect

4/1 @ The EARL, $7
The Clash on Flat Shoals
(local bands play Clash covers all night!)

For more on this weekend's shows, see Confessions of a Music Addict.


Blogger Lizzy said...

i looooooooove Elevation. and ive been waiting way too long for them to release something.

2:01 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome post as usual Rich. So much greatness all at once. Don't know where to start. "Ex", you and your threats.....

6:43 AM

Blogger Rich said...

I like how this got more comments than my Thom Yorke solo show.

8:58 AM

Anonymous gregor said...

that clash collective show sounds very interesting, although it could be complete shit.

8:37 PM


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