Friday, March 24

Orchestre Fantastique - "Stars on the Sea"

Have you ever heard of Orchestre Fantastique (not to be confused with Bell Orchestre)? If you have, odds are you're a little too into bands associated with Elephant 6. That's cool though. I feel ya.

Orchestre Fantastique is yet another project of Robert Schneider, frontman of Apples in Stereo, Marbles, and Ulysses. However, while those other projects have resulted in a series of excellent releases over the years, the grand total of Orchestre Fantastique's released output is the lone track linked below. It's an instrumental ditty composed and produced by Schneider that appeared on the Dean Quixote soundtrack (2001). If you're a Schneider or E6 completist, I imagine you'll want this. For everyone else, it's a fun little dreamy lounge track on the big band tip (featuring solos by Merissa Bissinger and Jon Hegel).

Orchestre Fantastique - Stars on the Sea

I believe there might be one other OF track floating around out there, and if you have it I'd love to hear it. Please?

The CD's booklet say the soundtrack was conceived as a mix tape for the listener; it includes such notable acts as The Olivia Tremor Control, The Minders, Guided by Voices, The Apples in Stereo, Songs:Ohia, Bevis Frond, and Bettie Serveert. It can be purchased from Amazon.

Bonus mp3:
Marbles - Out of Zone
Ulysses - The Falcon
The Apples in Stereo - Please


Optical Atlas has news on the forthcoming deluxe reissue of Neutral Milk Hotel's On Avery Island album. The release date is April 10. Just what I needed, more music to spend money on. OA also has lots of video of E6 bands at SXSW.

I'm still guest blogging over at MyExBestFriend. Today I posted on The Ex over there. Seemed appropriate.

Also, I bought a ticket to the Pitchfork Music Festival in July, so now I have both it and Bonnaroo on my calendar. I heart summer. The season, not Summer Wheatley.


Blogger Paulie said...

Nor to be confused with Manchester Orchestra.

I think Pitchfork is going to be killer! I can't wait until the rest of the linue is announced.

8:27 AM

Blogger Paulie said...

And dammit, I just broke down and bought a copy of On Avery Island this week!

8:30 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Or Electric Light Orchestra.

Yep, I'm eagerly awaiting the rest of the lineup too. Also, the Cubs are at Wrigley during and around the time of the festival. SWEET. Didn't think I'd make it to a home game this year.

11:40 AM

Blogger Jeff said...

There is indeed more Orchestre Fantastique out there...specifically, as bonus MP3s on the Marbles' Expo (the enhanced version; early pressings don't have it). I will get it on my site later so you can hear it, and link to yours.

Thanks for the mention, too.

12:13 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Ah! I checked my copy of Expo, and no bonus material. I'll certainly be stopping by OA later on. Woohoo.

12:23 PM

Blogger and day breaks said...

do you know where you can get any more of the marbles songs? i saw him when he opened for of montreal this past spring. it was the craziest thing ever. since then i have been trying to find some more of the songs. any help?

11:12 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Did you already buy Expo?

6:53 AM


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