Wednesday, March 8

The Wedding Present @ Criminal Records, Mar. 3, 2006

Last Friday, I went down to Criminal Records at about 6:15 for an in-store performance by The Wedding Present. The show was a free treat before their show that evening at The EARL in East Atlanta. A decent-sized but very enthusiastic crowd turned out for the show, with some attendees telling me they'd come as far away as north Florida for the in-store and evening performance. I had driven about four miles from my apartment. The setup was just David, Terry, and Chris playing a stripped-down set about 20 minutes long. David Gedge ran the show, offering some humorous banter along with a selection of choice tracks. It was a fun set, even if it was tainted somewhat by some technical difficulties. But don't take my word for it -- you can hear it for yourself.

You can download the entire set via Rapidshare by clicking here. You can also grab "Click Click" below to sample the quality. Here's the relevant show info:

The Wedding Present
March 3, 2006
Criminal Records
Atlanta, Georgia

Source: SP CMC-4's > batt box > Nomad Jukebox 3
Transfer: Nomad JB3 > Inspiron 6000 > Cool Edit Pro 2 > CDWave

1. intro/false start
2. Brassneck
3. I'm From Further North Than You
4. banter
5. Aprés Ski [Cinerama "cover"]
6. tech issues/banter
7. Click Click
8. banter
9. Ringway to Seatac

This was an in-store appearance at Criminal Records in Little 5 Points.
Some distortion and tech problems were present throughout the set.

Visit The Wedding Present on MySpace.

Atlanta indie faves The Selmanaires are looking for a house party or other event to play on their day off in Austin, Texas, on March 16 (next Thursday). You can contact them via MySpace. Otherwise you can write me with contact info and I'll send it along via MySpace.


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