Friday, April 28

Saturday night in Atlanta & Athens

Very busy right now, and don't have time for a full post. However, I wanted to note these shows this Saturday night (4/29) for the locals...

In Atlanta, we have The Selmanaires, Black Lips, and The Flakes at Lenny's (presented by Rob's House Records). That's gonna be a serious rock 'n roll blowout, folks. If you're gonna be in the Peachtree City, get your fanny down to Lenny's for this one. If you're lucky, Black Lips will bring some of those handy dandy commemorative plates with them to sell. They're a sure way to impress your grandma. This is the last Black Lips show in town for three months. For more info, see the Lenny's website. $5, 9pm.

To hear the bands, visit their MySpace pages linked above.

In Athens, there's another special treat at the 40 Watt. Elephant 6 comrades Masters of the Hemisphere are playing one of three reunion shows, and their first gigs in about 3.5 years. Neat, huh? Also playing will be Je Suis France, The Wee Turtles, and Bugs Eat Books. That's a lot of indie pop/rock for one night. Unfortunately, the Shitty Beatles were left off the bill. Bring plenty of cash for booze, and tip your bartender. For more info, see the 40 Watt website. $6, 10pm.

Hear a bunch of Masters of the Hemisphere rarities in the multimedia section of their website.

If there's more going on that people need to know about, feel free to say so in the comments. I'm a bit preoccupied this week and next. Have a great Friday!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Masters of the Hemisphere? Damn! I used to love those guys! Seriously, I thought they were the shit. I even did a show in Athens a while ago called The Billy Landmine show, and it involved me getting naked on stage at The Georgia Theatre. The good old days. I can't believe I can't go. I'm in Jacksonville at my sister in law's wedding. Yeah, I know.


8:58 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Damn, Noel! That's too bad you have to miss it. That's actually the show I plan to hit this weekend. I think that trek down 316 will be more than worth it.

9:04 AM


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