Monday, April 3

Thom Yorke - Bridge School Benefit, Oct. 27, 2002

As promised, here's the second day's set by Thom Yorke (of Radiohead fame) at Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit in 2002. This set features Thom on piano to perform a few songs, and even includes a couple older songs from The Bends. Once again, it's Thom solo and acoustic. If you enjoyed the prior day's set, I imagine you'll dig this too.

Thom Yorke
October 27, 2002 - Bridge School Benefit
Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA

01. introduction
02. Street Spirit (Fade Out)
03. Morning Bell (piano)
04. Nice Dream
05. I Might Be Wrong
06. Sail to the Moon (piano)
07. Like Spinning Plates (piano)
08. True Love Waits
09. Paranoid Android

For more on this show, see the entry at Green Plastic Radiohead.

Remember Thom played this set to benefit a good cause. You can donate to The Bridge School online.

UPDATE 5:40pm EST: Rehosted tracks 6-9 on EZarchive. Would have done it sooner but I couldn't log in to EZ. I suspect bandwidth issues. We'll see if I get a nasty e-mail in the near future.


Blogger Joachim said...

Nice post. But, the filelodge files are ending themselves before time.

12:42 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Apparently that's happening with some other files too. I may have to move them to EZ later, but won't have time until late this afternoon if at all today. I'd keep trying though, it may just be that their servers are busy.

12:44 PM

Blogger Au$10 said...

Oh, of RADIOHEAD fame! So THAT'S where I had heard of his name before!

Just kidding, dude.

6:52 PM

Blogger Rich said...

OK, smartypants. Somebody might not know. I don't know why they'd want to download this, but still. Heh.

7:39 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay Thom Yorke!

But who are radiohead fame?

12:31 PM

Blogger Rich said...

anon, it's all about the capitalization.

12:35 PM


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