Saturday, April 1

The Velvets Revisited

Well, here's an interesting artifact. In 2000, just as we were all breathing a sigh of relief about the world not ending, Rabid Chords 002 - VU Tribute was released. As you might infer from the title, it was a Velvet Underground tribute album. While that alone might have been enough for me to give it a second look, it also includes a disproportionate number of songs by bands associated with the Elephant 6 moniker. Given that, even though it is/was a very rare Japanese-only release I tracked one down. It also includes contributions by Jim O'Rourke, John McEntire (of Tortoise), and an assortment of Japanese bands unknown to me. Now it's my intention to share it with you. I'm not in the business of sharing full albums here on C&T, but this is very rare and long out-of-print so I'll make an exception. Select tracks can be downloaded below, and links to the full discs are available via Rapidshare at the bottom of this post.

CD 1
01. Gerard Says #1
02. Zoobombs - I'm Waiting for the Man
03. Of Montreal - She's My Best Friend
04. Nakako - Stephanie Says
05. Chicago Bass - Heroin
06. Coil - After Hours
07. The Ladybug Transistor - I Found a Reason
08. Gerard Says #2
09. Luminous Orange - Sunday Morning
10. Smile Kick - The Black Angel's Death Song
11. Pate - Jesus

CD 2
01. Swarm's Arm - I'll Be Your Mirror
02. Ahh! Folly Jet - Ferryboat Bill
03. Gerard Says #3
04. John McEntire - Guess I'm Falling In Love/Loop
05. Jim O'Rourke - Venus in Furs
06. Tagomago - The Murder Mystery
07. Honey Skoolmates - Who Loves the Sun
08. Olivia Tremor Control - European Son
09. Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her Kiss Her - Candy Says
10. Gerard Says #4
11. The Music Tapes - All Tomorrow's Parties

Full discs available here:
CD1 (via Rapidshare)
CD2 (via Rapidshare)

Bonus VU cover mp3's:
Iron & Wine and Calexico - All Tomorrow's Parties (live)
The Decemeberists - I'm Sticking With You (live)
Strawberry Switchblade - Sunday Morning
Cat Power - I Found a Reason
Rilo Kiley - After Hours (live)

Update: Links removed, don't e-mail me about it. K? K.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I so desperately want the album downloads to work, but I'm getting a different error every time.

5:35 AM

Anonymous marta said...

thanks a lot for sharing this album. i have linked it in my blog because i love some of the covers : )

10:48 AM

Blogger Rich said...

anon, could you be more specific? Common problems people have are waiting too long to enter the password (have to do it almost immediately) or trying to use AOL (which won't work).

I just tried the download and it works fine.

11:04 AM

Anonymous marta said...

ok, i've just removed the hotlinks so people can visit your entry for the songs. thanks agains for the album!

11:50 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Sure thing. Now here's hoping we can get through the day without EZ shutting me down. Been a busy few days here!

12:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I was waiting too long to enter the password! thanks!


3:25 AM

Blogger Culley said...

Thanks for this!

Great stuff! Never knew about it.

5:36 PM

Anonymous Jon said...

I just came across this via the Jim O'Rourke group, and wanted to say thanks. I live both him and the VU (as well as other artists on here), an as such this is a surprise and a delight. Thanks again!

6:18 AM

Anonymous Jon said...

Urgh. Jim O'Rourke group on, I meant to say.

6:19 AM

Anonymous C.W said...

Oh my God...thank you so much for this! Ever since I found the European Son cover on SoulSeek I've been looking for more.

4:48 AM

Blogger famitsu1 said...

thanks so much for sharing,its greatly appreciated only I can't download from Rapidshare,its something to do with my ISP British Telecom using an IP range instead of a static one.I'am a huge fan of Seagull Screaming Kiss Her kiss Her and would love to be able to get to listen to their version of Candy Says,I don't suppose you could find it in your heart to up that song at,it would be so appreciated.
Ta Simon aka famitsu1

4:39 PM


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