Friday, May 12

In Atlanta tonight...

Local folks, here are some options for your Friday night:

Modern Skirts, Gates of Berlin, Noises 10 @ Smith's Olde Bar ($10, 21+)

Modern Skirts are a fast-rising band from Athens, and will be playing their Catalogue of Generous Men album complete with a string quartet. They've been selected as the best pop band in Athens by Flagpole's readers, which you can imagine is quite a feat in that musical hotbed. They generally employ lush instrumentation (there's even a harpsichord on the album!), occassional vocal harmonies, and solid pop sensibilities. I'll be at this one, so say hi to the dude in the Cubs (sigh...) hat and glasses. Odds are I'll be anchored near my microphone stand most of the night.

Modern Skirts - My Bully
Modern Skirts - New York Song

Official Site.

Magnapop, The Spunks, Charm School @ The EARL ($7, 21+)

To state the obvious, Magnapop are a veteran Atlanta power-pop group. They're fronted by Linda Hopper (vocals) and Ruthie Morris (guitar). They have recently returned from a European tour and I imagine they'll be recharged and ready to rock the hometown show. Their current release is Mouthfeel on Daemon Records. I know the gang will be at that show for Tracy's birthday, so be sure to say hi if you see them.

Magnapop - Smile 4u
Magnapop - Satellite

Official site.


Recent additions to The EARL's music calendar....

7/1 - A Fir-Ju Well (final show)
7/6 - The Mendoza Line
7/12 - Six Organs of Admittance
7/31 - The Minders

Also, if anybody goes to that Steven Seagal show at Variety Playhouse (6/13, $22.50), I want a review. According to the VP website, "SEAGAL’s lifelong dedication to martial arts is rivaled only by his devotion to the guitar and the inspiring power of music." Oh. My. God. I bet it's all part of an elaborate sting to catch some Columbian drug-runner and go all "real ultimate power" on his ass. At least I hope so.


Blogger Paulie said...

The Record Industry should be ashamed not to sign and promote A Fir-Ju Well. I will be at the final show and will miss them much.

11:09 AM

Anonymous musick said...

I'll be at Lenny's for All the Saints tonight. They're headlining the EARL June 1st, and they've never even played there before. Anyone know of another local band that's made that step? I'm curious if that's happened in the past few years.

12:46 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Also, I got word on some bands playing the Athens Popfest in August.

circulatory system
the apples in stereo
ideal free distribution
the new sound of numbers
the instruments
marshmallow coast
high water marks
velcro stars
hands down eugene

Not a complete list. Full lineup due out on 5/17. Expect much coverage here. Just the above alone is enough to give me the vapors.

12:53 PM

Anonymous q.slikely said...

'Options' huh? Modern Skirts are the best of their kind I've heard for ages, and they're playing across the Atlantic from me, tonight, for 10 dollars. Oh joy! And the hard drive on my main machine just crashed. But I'm still smiling, because you pointed me at and reminded me of the MS's great music - thanks for that.

1:46 PM

Anonymous mingaling said...

It was great meeting you at the Modern Skirts show!

10:04 AM


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