Sunday, April 30

Super Mario Sunday blowout

I'm busy busy busy right now, but I wanted to share this viral video that was sent to me by Erin of Stardust Holiday via a MySpace bulletin. It may have already found its way to you, but just in case...

It's a live-action reenactment of Level 1 of Super Mario Bros. performed by some folks at Gordon College of Wenham, Mass. Worth a laugh if you're among my cohort in the Nintendo Power generation.

To add some musical content, here's a really fun funk-jazz version of the Mario theme performed by Ulu. When they do the breakdown into the underground music, it's just awesome. Makes me feel like I could take down Koopa all by myself, fireballs or no.

Ulu - Super Mario Bros. theme

Now, back to work.


Blogger samantha fay said...

That was genius.

3:39 PM


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