Friday, April 28

Sufjan Stevens 11-19-2003 @ Judson College

The abundant Sufjan Stevens activity in the blogosphere lately has me all excited again about everyone's favorite midwestern crooner. As a result I've decided to post a recording of Sufjan's November 2003 appearance at Judson College in Elgin, Illinois. This is a solo appearance by Sufjan; Mr. Stevens is pretty chatty and sounds great. The recording is a very clean soundboard tape well worth your while. I downloaded this last summer from Welcome to the Midwest, and I know bits of it continue to circulate. For whatever reason I seem to be missing the third song from the set, so please send it my way if you have it. I'd be grateful.

Sufjan Stevens
November 19, 2003
Judson College, Elgin, IL

The One I Love [REM cover]
Opie's Funeral Song

The Upper Peninsula (missing - please send if you have it!)
Lakes of Canada [Innocence Mission cover]
Vito's Ordination Song
Seven Swans

I thought some of you might also be curious to hear the original of "Lakes of Canada" since it's a tiny bit more obscure than those others (ahem)...

The Innocence Mission - Lakes of Canada

Also, to keep the post relevant to all of the Illinois-related Sufjan posts around the blogosphere, here's an mp3 of Harry Caray singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" at the Cubs' first official night game back in August 1988 (the rookie year of Mark Grace, I might add).

Harry Caray - Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Sorry, ChiSox fans. Not really.

I'm still waiting on that Franz Ferdinand/Harry Caray mash-up. Go Cubbies!

UPDATE: Links removed....


Anonymous Konrad said...

I have never been much of a baseball fan, but I grew up with only 2 channels (NBC and WGN) in Montana, a father who watched baseball, and a love of Chicago sports in general.

I remember that first night game at Wrigley like it was yesterday. Harry Carey and Steve Stone were in my house every summer and Harry singing "Take me out..." with his shirt half buttoned with a Budweiser buzz going, that will always make me smile.

Thanks for posting it.

4:59 AM

Blogger music is art said...

thanks for sufjan covering lakes of canada... that innoncence mission cd *birds of my neighborhood* is really special! i recent put a few tracks over in my blog :)

10:02 AM

Blogger shane said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Is Borderline really a madonna cover? Or is this an elaborate joke? I know it's a Seven Swans b-side...

8:26 AM

Blogger Rich said...

No, it's not really a Madonna cover. I guess I should take that down to avoid confusion. ;)

8:58 AM

Blogger charity crabtree said...

hey rich, thanks for posting this. i saw him this tour and i think i fell in love when he played the lakes of canada. or rake. or holland. nevermind, there's no way to pinpoint it. anyway, thanks for posting it. :)

11:17 AM

Blogger phenom said...


4:41 PM

Anonymous Julie said...

It's my understanding that Sufjan doesn't have a middle name. Which isn't really that uncommon.

6:33 AM

Blogger said...

Wow, I lived about 5 minutes from Judson and I had no clue Sufjan played there. Of course that would have been my Jr year in high school and I wouldn't have been a fan at the time. I'm actually not a big one now, but the guy's prolific if anything. No Zappa, but up there lol.

11:42 PM


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