Saturday, June 24

David Mead live in Decatur, 5-27-2006

At the end of May, Nashville-based singer-songwriter David Mead paid a visit to my neck of the woods. He played solo at both an in-store at Decatur CD and an evening set at Eddie's Attic. I managed to tape both shows (and stop off at The Angel for grub in between). Mead showcased the material from his new album Tangerine during this stop, providing the good people of Atlanta a fine pair of performances. Here are a few choice cuts from the shows:

David Mead - Chatterbox [live @ Decatur CD, 5-27-2006]
David Mead - Choosing Sides [live @ Decatur CD, 5-27-2006]
David Mead - Hard to Remember [live @ Eddie's Attic, 5-27-2006]
David Mead - New Mexico [live @ Eddie's Attic, 5-27-2006]
David Mead - God Only Knows [live @ Eddie's Attic, 5-27-2006; Beach Boys cover]
David Mead - Just Like a Woman [live @ Eddie's Attic, 5-27-2006; Bob Dylan cover]

You can download my full recordings of each show from below.

May 27, 2006 - Decatur CD
[.flac, .mp3, .ogg]
May 27, 2006 - Eddie's Attic [.flac, .mp3, .ogg]

Visit David Mead's official site or MySpace for more info.
Buy Tangerine here.


Blogger Tessa said...

okay back to whispering like a proper lady. ;)

Did you go to the David Mead instore at Decatur CD in May as well?

10:39 AM

Blogger Rich said...

The one I taped? I'm confused.

10:43 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for taping and sharing - much appreciated.


5:26 PM


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