Monday, June 26

Bouldercrest Singing Group

As I've been listening to their album a lot lately, it seems an appropriate time to introduce C&T's readers to the Atlanta-based Bouldercrest Singing Group. They're an alt-country/indie quintet fronted by Paul Daniels (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, fiddle) with Thom Heckel (bass, vocals), Chris Hoke (electric guitar, lap steel), and Eric Young (drums, vocals).

Their songs are melodic but often rooted in longing or anguish; lost loves and unrequited affection appear to be their speciality. Their current album, Louise, also features a guest vocal by Daniels' daughter Maddie that is just adorable. I'm particularly fond of the album's opening track, "Nickel", which you can hear below. Recommended if you're fan of bands/tunes in the No Depression vein.

Here are a few tracks from Louise, courtesy of Foul Country Records:

Bouldercrest Singing Group - Nickel
Bouldercrest Singing Group - Louise
Bouldercrest Singing Group - Stay Away

You can purchase Louise from CDBaby. You can also hear more tunes and be their BFF on MySpace.


Blogger Byron said...

Good recommendation, Rich. Seems like we've got a bit of an alt-country scene here in Atlanta.

1:11 PM

Blogger Rich said...

A bit of one, anyway.

By the way, I'll be offering an ATL twang mixtape as part of a series of Atlanta music mixtapes in the near future. I'm fishing for recommendations from some people right now in genres a bit out of my radar. If anybody has anyone, I'd love to hear them...

1:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anytthing twang related, find Slim Chance(of the Convicts). He's the expert and posts on the Stompandstammer board as twangmaster or something like that...

1:37 PM

Blogger Fat Asian Baby said...

i seem to have about 5 extra copies of this cd floating around the office. let me know if anyone wants one.

3:43 PM

Blogger Rich said...

FAB, you want ppl to write you directly or what?

3:46 PM

Blogger Chris said...

I never comment, but I just wanted to thank you for the great music you've introduced me to!

6:59 PM

Blogger Byron said...

Very cool, Rich. I'm looking forward to the twang mix. I've got a copy of Slim Chance's latest if you need it.

9:12 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Byron - Yes please! Feel free to just send me your favorite track from the CD. I have just e-mailed with Slim and he's cool with me including one of their tracks.

9:59 AM

Blogger Fat Asian Baby said...

yeah whatever's cool with me.

5:17 PM

Blogger Tessa said...

Damn if they didn't drop off a copy of this like two weeks ago and I still haven't had a chance to listen to it! Will make a priority on your recommendation.

12:38 AM


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