Sunday, June 25

Beanstalk - "Spider Jam"

Nosing through my CD collection the other day, I picked up Beanstalk's Synergy for the first time in years. I bought their 2001 release at one of their shows many moons ago. I remember playing through it quite a bit at the time, but it appears the band has since faded away. Despite my persistent Googling I've been unable to find either a website or a place to purchase the album. What I do know is that they are/were from Tampa, Florida, and usually performed as a trio including Joel Lisi, Andy Irvine, and Billy Carr. Here is one track from their album that always made me smile. It's a jazz fusion cover of the "Spider-Man" theme they've dubbed "Spider Jam." Perfect for the comic book guy in all of us.

Beanstalk - Spider Jam

If anybody knows anything about what happened with Beanstalk or what the players are up to now, I'd like to know. Those guys have/had chops.


Anonymous Lance said...

Hey Rich, thanks for pulling out the Beanstalk and making me remember those great shows at the Brandyhouse and Ciceros. The guitarist Joel was in a band called "Ghetto Love Sugar" for a while in 2002-2003. No idea what the other guys are up to...

10:11 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Thx Lance. Walter B only sat in for that Brandyhouse show, right? I know I have copies of those recordings somewhere. Probably in a milk crate somewhere at my mom's place.

10:48 PM

Anonymous Lance said...

Here's that set with Walt

9:51 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Lance, you rule. Thanks!!!

So we didn't tape that one? I can't remember. Maybe we didn't have our own mics yet at the time? I know I had some for Beck a few months earlier. Maybe I borrowed them from James. Hmm.

Good times. :)

9:56 AM


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