Sunday, October 22

Fraggle Rock coming to the silver screen

Hang on to your Doozers, ladies and gentlemen. Fraggle Rock is coming to the big screen, and they're bringing Ahmet Zappa along for the ride. No, seriously.

The film will reportedly feature a good number of songs and see the Fraggles wander out of their caves and into the human world, which they refer to as "Outer Space." More info available at E! Online.

Here's the classic Fraggle Rock theme, which gets far too many spins in the home of this 20-something guy:

Fraggle Rock - original theme

Amazing that this doesn't get covered by bands all the time. This'll make you bounce around your living room, even if you're not still drinking juice from boxes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I ever (God forbid) get married, this is the song I'd have my first dance to.

12:02 AM

Blogger Rich said...

A friend of mine used Mazzy Star's "Fade Into You" for that recently. I thought that was a pretty good selection, but you may have her beat.

I might prefer "Mahna Mahna" from The Muppets for the same purpose. ;)

12:13 AM

Blogger Joel Moore said...

du du du-du-du...Mahna Mahna...du du-du-du

Still have the Fraggle ringtone?

I was at a foreign correspondent's dinner last week where they were having a film and Q&A on war photographers. Some guy in the audience had the ‘24’ ring-tone and his phone went off. God, I almost pissed myself it was so funny.

12:05 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Joel, that's hilarious. No sign of Jack Bauer?

And thanks for mentioning my Fraggle Rock ringtone. Now any of my readers who weren't aware *know* I'm a dork. ;)

12:59 PM

Anonymous Kim said...

that's friggin awesome! I loved Fraggle Rock growing up. And yeah it's a great song too!

1:59 PM


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