Monday, October 23

A little Princeton education

Blogging about music can be fun, but it can instill one with an odd sense of regret from time to time. In my case, this typically happens when there's something I really want to post about and I keep putting it off for whatever reason. Today I'm going to take care of just one such situation for good.

One band I've been digging for a few months but haven't mentioned here is a California pop trio known as Princeton. I know they've shown up on other blogs, and that's great. However, I'd hate to ignore them here on C&T. They play an absolutely charming and infectious brand of bedroom pop that deserves to be heard.

My understanding is that their current release, A Case of the Emperor's Clothes, was made with a single mic and minimal instrumentation in a London flat. Does it get any more DIY than that? These youngsters are on the right track, and I'm looking forward to hearing more from them in the future. Here are a couple of songs from their mini-LP that you should check out if you haven't:

Princeton - The Indifference Curve
Princeton - Blackbeard

For more on Princeton, see their official site or their MySpace.

You can also check out a live video of "The Indifference Curve" on YouTube.


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