Monday, November 27

The Gurus

Today on C&T I've decided to highlight Spanish trio The Gurus, whom I stumbled onto via the Salon Audiofile site. Online info is somewhat scarce, but I can tell you that they're from Barcelona, and they play British Invasion-style psychedelic pop tinged with dance and electronic influences. They do have a MySpace page, but it's in Spanish. I can sorta read it, but I don't think it says much of note other than that they've been together since about '94 and have a thing for old rock music. Hey, me too.

They have recently released their second LP, The Swing of Things, which is available at Insound; the nice people at Rainbow Quartz Records have been kind enough to make a couple tracks available for sampling. "Flats and Jobs" is crunchy, jangly, trippy, and bound to get your body moving (voluntarily or otherwise). Perhaps something like The Selmanaires if they sounded a lot more like The Who. I you're a fan of '60s-era psychedelia and dance music you're probably going to dig 'em. I haven't been able to get much out of the lyrics just yet, but the dance groove and mood are enough. "Tears on the Wardrobe" is a fine pop song with psychedelic flair.

The Gurus - Flats and Jobs
The Gurus - Tears on the Wardrobe

Additional tracks are available for download from the Rainbow Quartz Records website.


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