Saturday, November 11

Thanks, vets!!!

As an American and an Air Force brat, I'd be remiss to let Veterans Day pass without saying thanks to our military and those who've served. Thanks to all of you!

In the spirit of the blog, here's an amateur video of "Lazy Ramadi" (of the "Lazy Sunday" ilk) that was produced by a couple of fellow native Hoosiers (from Muncie!) who were stationed in Ramadi, Iraq, recently. Cheers to these guys for keeping their sense of humor in tough conditions.


Anonymous billy said...

hey, i've been visiting/reading your site for a long time now. thanks for the all the great music.

speaking of great music, i think you might like zach williams. he's an up and comer who recently relocated to new york. i put up seven tracks from him in my latest post. you just might dig it. check it out if you get a chance.

7:30 AM


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