Tuesday, November 21

Glen Phillips and Two-Headed Boy(s)

Little did I know it, but it seems that Glen Phillips has long covered Neutral Milk Hotel in his live shows. Specifically, he has covered both parts of "Two-Headed Boy" from In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. Today I thought I'd share a couple versions of each.

First is Phillips' cover of "Two-Headed Boy." Glen flubs the second line on the 2003 version and starts over, adding a bit of humor, while the 2002 version is the more forceful of the two.

Glen Phillips - Two-Headed Boy [Neutral Milk Hotel cover; live 7-2-2003]
Glen Phillips - Two-Headed Boy [Neutral Milk Hotel cover; live 9-18-2002]

In addition, here is "Two-Headed Boy Part 2." While the 2005 version is higher quality, the 2001 version is preceded by a nice bit of chatter from Glen about his adoration for In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. I can imagine it might be of interest to fans of either artist.

Glen Phillips - Two-Headed Boy Part II [Neutral Milk Hotel cover; live 7-31-2001]
Glen Phillips - Two-Headed Boy Part II [Neutral Milk Hotel cover; live 5-7-2005]

If you'd prefer to see Jeff Mangum perform the song on his own, here's video of him doing "Two-Headed Boy" from the Live at Jittery Joe's release (via YouTube):

Was this shot at the Jittery Joe's at Five Points in Athens? I was just there on Friday. Can't imagine getting to see Jeff play in that space. Anybody know?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to the 33 1/3 series:

"Jittery Joe's, a Washington Street coffee house a few doors up from the 40 Watt."

3:43 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Ah! Didn't even think to look there. Not the one in Five Points then, I guess -- I think it's on Lumpkin. It's definitely a decent distance from the 40 Watt.

9:47 AM

Blogger tolar said...

i was really hoping this post had something to do with the lead singer of islands having two heads last nite ...

10:30 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Ha! Did he? That show wasn't really on my radar. I knew it was going on but wasn't that interested. I really like the old Unicorns stuff, but something about that Islands material just doesn't do it for me.

11:56 AM

Blogger tolar said...

I wasn't too familiar with them before yesterday, but I can say that we had a rockin time at the eyedrum. The added bonus of Blueprint opening up was pretty sweet as well.

12:27 PM

Blogger The Falconer said...

Thanks for posting this stuff. I've always liked Glen and hearing him cover another favorite NMH is a treat.

11:16 AM

Anonymous danielle said...

Jittery Joe's used to be a few doors down from the 40 watt, on washington - dark and full of couches - a perfect place to hang while waiting for a show or to relax after just having seen one. Now I think it's some crappy bar.

7:42 AM


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