Monday, November 6

VOTE TUESDAY! & The Capitol Steps

Sent my absentee ballot in a couple weeks ago, but it's time to go to the polls on Tuesday!

If you have any problems at the polls, be advised that the National Campaign for Fair Elections has set up a hotline at 1-866-OUR-VOTE to provide assistance nationwide.

If you're a Democratic Party supporter and have trouble at the polls, you can also call 1-877-DEM-VOTE. If there's such a number for Republicans, I can't find it on their website. If somebody passes it along I'll gladly post it.

If you need to find your polling place, this website that will direct you toward the contact info for your local election authority. If you're a Georgia voter, you can go directly to this site.

While we're being political, here are some recent songs by those silly folks in The Capitol Steps. Each of these are parodies of well-known songs with new lyrics to ridicule current events. If you've ever seen them on PBS, you know the drill.

The Capitol Steps - Old Man Rumsfeld
["Old Man River" parody]
The Capitol Steps - Hang Down Your Head, Mark Foley ["Tom Dooley" parody]
The Capitol Steps - Super Zealous Radicals ["Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" parody]
The Capitol Steps - Guantanamo ["Kokomo" parody]
The Capitol Steps - FEMA ["Fever" parody]

The Capitol Steps have an extensive touring schedule ahead of them, and they perform regularly at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC. Oh, and of course... they're on MySpace.

Now be sure to get out and vote!


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