Wednesday, November 29

WRAS benefit @ Eyedrum, Dec. 2

This Saturday, December 2, Georgia State University radio station WRAS (Album 88) will be hosting a fundraiser at The Eyedrum here in Atlanta. This will also be a celebration of the station's 35th anniversary - yay! There will be lots of music, giveaways, and free cake, so it promises to be a humdinger.

The festivities start at 4:30pm, and will feature a number of diverse bands. Headlining will be Athens indie folk artist Phosphorescent and L.A.-based experimental act Daedelus. In support will be upcoming rock acts from Atlanta (The Selmanaires, Moresight) and Athens (Boulevard) as well as acclaimed Atlanta hip-hop artists Psyche Origami and electronica act Aerial2012.

It promises to be one heck of a show, and it's only $8 for 7 bands all day. Here are tracks from some of the bands, and links to the others:

Phosphorescent - I am a Full Grown Man (I Will Lay in the Grass All Day)
The Selmanaires - Images
Psyche Origami - Nuff Teef
Moresight (myspace)
Boulevard (myspace)
Daedelus (myspace)
Aerial2012 (myspace)

Good stuff, eh?


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Big personal news to come soon. C&T headquarters is relocating!


Anonymous Melissa said...

I love the Selmanaires and I haven't seen them in forever!!! They're wonderful. Too bad I have to work all day on Saturday. You should go and have fun and report back.

6:06 PM


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