Friday, December 8

Two Sheds Music year-end sale

Atlanta-based independent label Two Sheds Music is having a year-end sale! From now through the rest of December, they're offering 30% off all orders of 2 CD's or more. A quick browse of their online store reveals that prices range from about $3-$10, so it looks like a good chance to get some bargains.

The label's roster includes many Atlanta/Athens area favorites including Silent Kids, Ultrababyfat, Jet by Day, An Epic at Best, Hot Young Priest, and Heros Severum, among others. There's psych-pop (Silent Kids), indie pop (An Epic at Best, Ashen), power pop (Ultrababyfat, Hot Young Priest, Fairburn Royals, Young Antiques), rock (Sharks and Minnows, Heros Severum, Nillah), and even a little twang (Partial to Mabel). I've done some digging, and here are samples from some of their roster that I think y'all might like:

Silent Kids - Engine of a Lifetime
Ultrababyfat - Cool Shoes
An Epic at Best - Birds
Hot Young Priest - You Belong to the Casinos
Heros Severum - Out of Round
Fairburn Royals - Secretary's Day
Sharks and Minnows - My Bird Sings
Young Antiques - Winning Season
Ashen - Stars and Fields
Nillah - Fire Sanctuary
Partial to Mabel - Post Partum Blues

Good thing Paul suggested that I add those play buttons, huh? You can also visit Two Sheds to hear more mp3 samples from these artists and others. You can also go straight to their store.

Oh, and for what it's worth, I'm not affiliated with the label in any way... I just like to support local music. Hope you find some new favorites!

Bonus mp3:
Fairburn Royals - Bulldog Skin [Guided by Voices cover]
Fairburn Royals - Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits [Magnetic Fields cover]
Fairburn Royals - First of the Gang to Die [Morrissey cover]
Fairburn Royals - You're the One That I Want [from Grease]


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