Saturday, December 9

Highlights from the ATL concert calendar...

Some highlights among the upcoming live shows in Atlanta...

12-14-2006 Forward, Russia! & Snowden @ The EARL
12-14-2006 Rizzudo, Gringo Star, & Anna Kramer @ The Loft
12-14-2006 Thee Crucials, All Night Drug Prowling Wolves @ Drunken Unicorn
12-15-2006 Telenovela @ Eyedrum
12-15-2006 Hope for Agoldensummer & The Theater Fire @ The EARL
12-19-2006 Butch Walker @ The Loft ("secret" show)
12-21-2006 All the Saints @ Smith's Olde Bar
12-22-2006 Modern Skirts @ The EARL
12-31-2006 The Selmanaires & Tenement Halls @ The EARL
12-31-2006 Snowden, Deerhunter, & Gringo Star @ Drunken Unicorn
01-06-2007 Luigi & The Preakness @ Lenny's
01-12-2007 Modern Skirts @ Smith's Olde Bar
01-13-2007 Mission of Burma @ The EARL
01-17-2007 Camera Obscura @ The EARL
01-19-2007 The Selmanaires @ Lenny's
01-27-2007 The Features @ The EARL (free!)
01-28-2007 The Preakness @ Aurora Coffee (L5P)
02-04-2007 Midlake @ The EARL
02-16-2007 How I Became the Bomb @ Smith's Olde Bar
02-17-2007 The Selmanaires & Cassavetes @ Star Bar
02-17-2007 Jonathan Richman @ The EARL
02-18-2007 Jonathan Richman @ The EARL
02-20-2007 Akron/Family @ The EARL
02-24-2007 Of Montreal @ Variety Playhouse
03-02-2007 Grizzly Bear @ Drunken Unicorn
03-13-2007 Explosions in the Sky @ Lenny's
03-14-2007 Badly Drawn Boy @ The Loft
03-22-2007 Appleseed Cast @ Drunken Unicorn

It appears the Scourge of the Sea/Petticoat, Petticoat show I expected in early January is in limbo because they need a venue for January 9. If you can help them out, drop 'em a line on MySpace. They're still gonna be at Tasty World in Athens on January 10.

I'm also told that The Clutters will be here in February (probably at The EARL), but the details aren't firm. I drove (well, rode) all the way to Nashville to see them -- those guys/gals are killer.

I'm sure I missed umpteen things. Feel free to point them out.


Blogger LB said...

Leslie is playing with the Cogburns at Vinyl on December 16th. They're really something special.

Oh, and on December 29th, I'm having my first showcase over at the 585 w/Rantings of Eva headlining. Yay.

9:55 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Thanks, Leah!

9:58 AM

Blogger Ryan said...

It's kind of far away, but MONO is playing @ the EARL on May 10.

BTW...great artist list on I'm going to add you as a friend (my username is milessmiles on there)

10:15 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Golden Fiddle is also reporting Yo La Tengo at the Variety Playhouse on 2/3. Nifty!

3:26 PM

Blogger Mack said...

Don't forget Attractive Eighties Women on Jan. 19 at ISP.

10:13 AM


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