Saturday, December 2

The C&T ATL mix tapes (revisited)

As many of you know, I compiled mix tapes of some of Atlanta's finest local bands during the summer (with help from readers and bands) and posted them here on the blog. However, I noticed that many of the track links crapped out when EZarchive went to the dark side. Since I'm not blessed with abundant hosting bandwidth right now, I've decided to upload each of the full compilations to Sendspace. It's my first time using their service, so please let me know if it's doing something odd.

Below are links to the downloads, along with a list of artists on each mix. If you missed out on these the first time, here's another opportunity to check out a bunch of what Atlanta has to offer. Each mix is about a 60-70mb download. Enjoy!

C&T Mix Tape Project, Vol. I: Atlanta Rock
The Selmanaires, Ocha La Rocha, The Forty-Fives, The Hiss, The Woggles, The Love Drunks, Jupiter Watts, Black Lips, The Close, The Orphins, All the Saints, Dropsonic
* Download Vol. I from Sendspace

C&T Mix Tape Project, Vol. II: Atlanta Indie/Pop
Silent Kids, Manchester Orchestra, League of Evil, A Fir-Ju Well [now known as Gringo Star], Cassavetes, The Preakness, Luigi, Magnapop, Tenement Halls, Jil Station, The Californias, The Shut-Ups, The Yum Yum Tree
* Download Vol. II from Sendspace

C&T Mix Tape Project, Vol. III: Atlanta Twang
Tovah Rinah and the Way Home, Chickens and Pigs, National Grain, The Bluejays, Anna Kramer, Bouldercrest Singing Group, Georgia Fireflies, Nekkid, Johnny Knox & Hi Test, The Beggar's Guild, Brodie Stove, Sodajerk, The Cogburns, The Roy Owens Jr., Slim Chance and the Convicts
* Download Vol. III from Sendspace

C&T Mix Tape Project, Vol. IV: Atlanta Alternative
Aviator, Creve Coeur [now known as Slow Motion Crash], KillGordon, Rantings of Eva, Sovus Radio, Snowden, The Blue Hour, Heavy Mojo, Y.O.U., Telegram, Gates of Berlin, The Swear, The Slack Republic
* Download Vol. IV from Sendspace

C&T Mix Tape Project, Vol. V: Atlanta Pop/Singer-Songwriter
Adam McIntyre, Harrison Hudson, MYSSOURI, Lindsay Rae Spurlock, Blake Guthrie, Moresight, The Brilliant Inventions, Unicorns! The Musical, Zero Chance, Matthew Kahler, Blake Rainey, Butch Walker, David Berkeley
* Download Vol. V from Sendspace

I think these bands are all on MySpace, but I'm not gonna go find all the links. I trust you all know your way around The Internets to find more info. If you're having trouble finding 411 about one of these bands, feel free to ask in the comments.

Other ATL bands have gotten my attention in the meantime (All Night Drug Prowling Wolves, Long Knives, Slushco, The Sweet Loves, Pistolero, Thee Crucials, Bad Magic Number, etc.), but I wanted to make these available again. My understanding is the links will work until they become inactive. Now... support local music!


Blogger Paul said...

did you ever get the ftp working on my server? feel free to use it! I didn't even come close to using all my bandwidth last month so don't be afraid about using it when needed.

7:25 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Haven't needed to try just yet. But I thought it best not to put up 60 songs simultaneously on borrowed space. ;)

7:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Gang - tried to download a couple of the mixtapes just now, and the file is no longer at that location....tried the Rock Mix, and the Indie/Pop mix....obviously, I can visit all the myspace pages, but pffft....meh.

10:38 AM


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