Monday, January 15

How I Became the Bomb

As was Madeline, here's another band I've mentioned here repeatedly but haven't yet given their own post. How I Became the Bomb have become something of a juggernaut in recent months, garnering ample buzz in the southeast and attention from industry big shots. They've also gotten recent love from Southeast Performer, Out the Other, and Confessions of a Music Addict. Like Velcro Stars, they're a Murfreesboro-based band that I first learned of through the folks at Grimey's and Grand Palace last winter. Their current EP, Let's Go!, kicks umpteen kinds of ass. Goodness knows I've played the crap out of my copy.

Mike Turner of HHBTM evoked Devo and New Order to characterize their sound; I'd liken them to The Selmanaires (from Atlanta) or Russian Spy Camera (from Athens) but I'm not sure what good those comparisons will do for the nationwide audience. They're a quirky quintet fronted by Jon Burr, and based on their sound alone I'd guess they may in fact be either androids or from the future. Basically, they play a sort of twisted danceable (post?)-punk-pop that invites far too many hyphenations. They're upbeat, just a tad geeky, and lots of fun.

In case you have not yet checked out one of their tracks here on C&T or elsewhere, here are a couple cuts from Let's Go!. I have to add that selecting tracks here was incredibly difficult -- just about any of the EP's seven tracks would have been suitable.

How I Became the Bomb - Secret Identity
How I Became the Bomb - Robo

I thought about posting "Kneel Before Zod" after yesterday's popular superhero post, but you can hear that on their MySpace.

You can order their EP directly from the band for only $8. I'll add that they also come with terrific packaging.

Atlanta/Athens area folks should know they'll be in our vicinity twice in the near future -- Feb. 3 at Caledonia Lounge in Athens (with Casper & the Cookies and Russian Spy Camera) and Feb. 16 at Smith's Olde Bar as part of an ASCAP showcase. They also have a few Tennessee shows on the slate. Full dates can be seen on their MySpace.


Blogger Sloan Simpson said...

These guys put on a fantastic show.

11:11 PM

Anonymous james said...

the band is great, rich, thanks for the heads-up. i ordered the ep last night, can't wait to get it.

8:28 AM


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