Tuesday, January 23

Of Montreal - New album and EP

As I imagine many C&T readers are aware, Tuesday was a big day for new releases. I picked up my new Shins CD, and I've had the new full-length from Of Montreal since I got a review copy (complete with its awesome packaging) from a local record store a week or so ago.

Something that has received less attention is that Of Montreal has released not only a new album, but also a new limited release EP. Titled Icons, Abstract Thee, they will be selling this EP on the current tour as long as they last. However, if you'd like to play it safe or are simply eager to hear it before they come through your town you can also order it direct from Polyvinyl for $6.

Here are mp3's from both Hissing Fauna and Icons, Abstract Thee to check out:

from Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?:
Of Montreal - Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse

from Icons, Abstract Thee:
Of Montreal - Du Og Meg

Polyvinyl is also selling a killer bundle of *seven* albums by Of Montreal for only $50. If you need to catch up on the band's back catalog, that's a great opportunity.

Their current tour dates are on their MySpace, as is the video for "Heimsdalgate Like a Promethean Curse."

Bonus mp3:
The Shins - Phantom Limb [from Wincing the Night Away]
Of Montreal - So Begins Our Alabee [from The Sunlandic Twins]
Of Montreal - Disconnect the Dots [from Satanic Panic in the Attic]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Richard, Thanks for these as well as the inbox present this morning. Spectacular!

5:47 PM

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For some reason, my blog keeps getting traffic from this page. Is there a link I am missing? =]

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Maybe just from the blogroll?

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