Sunday, January 21

Long Knives

This post doesn't give a lot of advance notice for their show at Atlanta's Eyedrum tonight (Jan. 21), but I wanted to be sure and introduce C&T's readers to Long Knives. I first learned of them through Brandon Arnold of The Preakness and have since been fortunate enough to be sent a copy of their current EP. They're an Atlanta-based outfit that has grown from a duo into a six-member band since their inception. I really like them, and think they deserve to be heard beyond the Peachtree City.

Their sound is an amalgam of Americana with psychedelia; I suppose you might call them rustic shoegaze if there is such a thing. Think along the lines of Horse Feathers, Spider, or Iron & Wine with more tendency to rock out. They cite among their influences Spacemen 3/Spiritualized, Mojave 3, and Will Oldham and it's apparent that they're not kidding. The EP also features a reworked Alison Krauss cover ("Down to the River") even while their MySpace says they sound like "guys who listen to a lot of of metal, but sound like pussies."

Here are a couple tracks from their EP. I almost hate to post a cover given the quality of their originals, but I think it'll be of interest to a lot of folks.

Long Knives - Fuckwit
Long Knives - Down to the River [Alison Krauss cover]

If you would like to hear the whole EP and more, you can stream it from their homepage. You can also check out samples via MySpace. If you like to purchase a copy of the EP, you should contact the band through MySpace or e-mail vocalist/guitarist Mike Kane for purchasing info.

Atlanta locals should be aware that along with tonight's show at Eyedrum, they will also be at the Drunken Unicorn on January 31 with Warm in the Wake.


Anonymous brandon said...

thanks for giving some props to long knives...they're truly one of atlanta's best!

2:23 PM

Anonymous Chris Nelson said...

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3:57 AM


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