Monday, January 22

The Eames Era

I first posted about Baton Rouge quintet The Eames Era nearly a year ago when they came to Atlanta (fun show, btw), but it's time to do so again. Why? They have a new album, Heroes and Sheroes, due out April 17.

The Eames Era is an indie pop/rock band that some label as twee, but I'm not sure I buy it. There's just a bit too much swagger in vocalist Ashlin Phillips for me to lump them in that category, but I can also see where it might be appropriate. Their pop songs are full of sweet hooks and jangly guitar along with vocals about life and love.

Here are a few tracks from Heroes and Sheroes to whet your appetite:
The Eames Era - Last to Know
The Eames Era - Both Hands Full
The Eames Era - When You Were a Millionaire

The album is not yet available for sale, but should soon be through the band's website.

If you're more the visual type, they also have some videos on their site.

Bonus mp3 (from their 2005 release, Double Dutch, available now):
The Eames Era - Year of the Waitress
The Eames Era - Go to Sleep


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