Saturday, January 20

How I Became the Bomb 8-9-2006 at Southern Shelter

Southern Shelter has posted the audio of the August 9, 2006, How I Became the Bomb show from Little Kings in Athens. For those of you who don't have the EP yet, you can go there to hear more of what they're about. Then order the damn thing. You can also, of course, be The Bomb's BFF on MySpace.

I'm listening through the show now and it's a typically excellent recording by Sloan.

For those not aware, Southern Shelter is the live Athens mp3 blog. You can also browse and find lots of recordings from Athens shows including a whole bunch of local and Elephant 6 bands. It's a terrific site.


Anonymous james said...

ep came the other it. and you were right about the packaging too...

6:30 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Glad to hear you like it. Here's hoping they have a good crowd here in ATL next month. Too bad they're only playing a showcase instead of a full-on, full-length show. I guess they'll be back though.

8:31 PM

Blogger Sloan Simpson said...

Thanks for linking; I'm real big on these guys right now.

11:21 AM


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