Thursday, February 15

Erie Choir @ The EARL, Fri., 2/16, with The Preakness, The Close, The Liverhearts

If you're in Atlanta, you may already be aware that this Friday night (February 16) at The EARL is a big show with local favorites The Preakness, The Close, and The Liverhearts. Just those three bands would be a very solid lineup. However, there's also a fourth band opening up the night that we Atlanta folks are less familiar with (unless I've missed a memo).

Erie Choir are a Durham, NC, act headed by Eric Roehrig who plays backed by a collection of pals. What I've heard of them has been emotive pop with folk flourishes. Some of it has been in the vein of artists like Elvis Costello or America, while other tracks have reminded me of acts like Portland's Horse Feathers or Atlanta's own Long Knives. For more on Erie Choir, check out the excellent post on them at Ear Farm.

Erie Choir - Favorite Fotos
Erie Choir - Lullaby for John Grives
Erie Choir - Trunion Pike

Also, I love that the headline quote on their MySpace page is from a Huey Lewis song. As a wee lad I played the crap out Sports and Fore!. It's hip to be a square, ya know.

Tracks from the other bands on the bill, for those considering their Friday night options:

The Preakness - What They're Saying [demo]
The Close - John Henry by Decision
The Liverhearts - Local Lift


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