Wednesday, February 14

Ruby Isle

Well, here's some exciting news that I didn't even know was in the works. Dan Geller of Athens electro-pop act I am the World Trade Center has a new project, Ruby Isle, and their initial EP offering is due on March 13. It's titled Into the Black, and will apparently bear the Kindercorpse label. No, not Kindercore. Yes, seriously.

The sounds here will be familiar to fans of I am the World Trade Center (though sans Amy D.'s vox), and should appeal to fans of recent Of Montreal material as well. I'm less familiar with Mark Mellman and Aaron Lemay, who round out the trio along with Geller, but I'll be curious to hear more from this threesome. I admit that I'm often the first to dismiss dance music, but this is pretty cool stuff.

Ruby Isle - Into the Black
Ruby Isle - Atom Bomb

For more info check out their MySpace. For those making the trek to Austin, they'll be making a couple appearances at SXSW. Not a bad place for their first live gigs, I'd say.


Blogger Ryan said...

Awesome...thanks for posting those mp3s. I'm a fan of I Am the World Trade Center...especially their song "Love Tragedy" but I wasn't aware of Ruby Isle.

You're right...these tracks, esp. Atom Bomb, sound like Of Montreal.

9:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mean it sounds like Of Montreal once they got off of their Elephant 6 jag and started cribbing from World Trade.

4:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just downloaded the songs and I am definately digging on them. Nice work!

4:06 PM

Blogger Michelle said...

Dan has another awesome project right now-- have you checked out his "goth" band, USSR?? Dig it: They just posted some new material. Awesome stuff.

11:06 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:15 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

holy shit... what does that mean?? you don't think Kindercore is coming back or anything, do you???

2:30 PM

Anonymous Marion said...

I really doubt that Kindercore is making a come back. They have a ton of legal issues still pending from what I've heard. That would be awesome but I wouldn't hold my breath.

12:39 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be so incredible if Kindercore came back. My life has been empty without it. Please come back to us!!

1:40 AM


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