Wednesday, February 14

Hello Saferide - "Valentine's Day"

Not to bring down the mood after Alex's great mix, but this seems the perfect time to share a V-Day song that's a bit more cynical. Sweden's Hello Saferide sings of leaving an unsatisfying mate in her "Valentine's Day." This clearly isn't a song about love, although lust does make a cameo. One of the last couple verses, to give you an idea:

So I hope you are sorry and I wish you the worst
And that’s all I had to say
I think we have fish sticks if you need dinner
This year, on Valentine’s Day

Hello Saferide - Valentine's Day [lyrics here]

If you're in Atlanta, note that The EARL is hosting a "Valentine's Day is for Suckers" event tonight with chanteuse Diamond Lil, Blondie from the Clermont Lounge reading poetry (and presumably strutting her stuff), and music from girl punk outfit The Coathangers. For more on the event see Creative Loafing.


Blogger Chris said...

As always, thanks for the great music!

12:56 PM

Blogger Kim said...

Can you change your blog to a Dixie and Sweden music blog? I could use some help finding good Stockholm shows to go to.

3:49 PM

Blogger wharman said...

I like it.

6:59 PM


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