Monday, March 26

Play. Listen. Repeat.

I know one of these EPs has gotten plenty of blog attention, and the other has already been mentioned by some awesome bloggers I read often... but I want to explicitly recommend the current EPs by Illinois and Warm in the Wake. I have been listening to one or the other on an almost daily basis, primarily because they've been in my car and I've not yet tired of either.

Pennsylvania's Illinois is another band on the great Ace Fu label, along with Man Man, Annuals, and Devotchka (um, hell yes). Idolator declared them the "biggest band in the world" last week, and I can understand why their EP has been so widely embraced. Though only seven tracks long, the release ranges nicely from noisy indie pop to something resembling the avant-pop of Eels or Flaming Lips. Good stuff.

Illinois - Screendoor
Illinois - Alone Again

Their What the Hell Do I Know? EP is available online. Tour dates are on Myspace.

Warm in the Wake is from closer to C&T headquarters. In fact, for all I know these guys could live in my zip code. They hail from Decatur, Georgia, the same city and state where I currently sit in my apartment watching The Situation Room. Their sound is within the pop-folk realm, with Americana elements. If pushed to make a comparison, I'd say they remind me of The Thrills. Hard to believe they're local and I'd heard so little about them before picking up their EP at Wuxtry.

Warm in the Wake - Tame Thoughts
Warm in the Wake - Golden Inhibition Destroyer

Their EP, Gold Dust Trail, is available from Livewire Recordings. See their Myspace for tour dates, including three upcoming appearances in Atlanta.


Blogger Rachel said...

Illinois is goodness indeed...I don't know about the "biggest band in the world" but yeah.

And I have been enjoying Warm in the Wake for awhile now thanks to you. :) They probably do live in your same zip code...That would be sweet!
Thanks for the link love and for be so awesome!

8:59 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Heh. Idolator just gives that label to the little-known band getting the most blog buzz at the moment.

9:03 PM

Blogger Matthew said...

Rich, comparing anyone to The Thrills is a little but cruel. Musicians have feelings too!

7:15 AM

Blogger Matthew said...

Erm, 'little bit cruel', sorry.

*Sulks at comedy effect ruined by typo.*

7:16 AM

Blogger Rich said...

I used to play the crap out of So Much for the City.

9:05 AM

Blogger aa said...

illnois hasn't left my player either. i think it might just be the album of the spring.

10:12 PM

Blogger Rich said...

And it's only 7 tracks!

Reminds me CWK's Up in Rags EP last year. Just the right amount of goodness to grab everybody's attention in anticipation of the full-length LP.

10:16 PM


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