Wednesday, March 28

The Preakness 7" on Eskimo Kiss

Since I first saw them at Corndogorama last summer, The Preakness might just have become my favorite pop act in town. Comprised of guitarist/vocalist Brandon Arnold (Bad Magic Number, ex-Licentious Five), bassist Tracy Clark (ex-Silent Kids, ex-Blue Hour), and drummer Tim Genius (ex-Bon Vivants), this trio has in less than a year become a significant act in the Atlanta indie scene. After a few months in the works, they have just released their debut 7" on Eskimo Kiss Records.

The sound of The Preakness has been likened to some of the seminal indie rock acts of the 1990s -- Sebadoh and Superchunk are prominent examples. In fact, Arnold himself has joked that the early Preakness demos sounded like Lou Barlow basement demos. Creative Loafing labeled them as jangle-pop, and I won't quarrel with that. The Preakness sound often revolves around restrained vocals and hooks anchored by a kickass rhythm section and blissful eruptions of rockin'. As their Myspace page notes, they tend to keep things "simple, hooky, and to the point." I'm already looking forward to the next release.

this side: Demons/On the Couch
that side: I Thought I Was in Control/What They're Saying

And a sample...
The Preakness - What They're Saying

Their 7" release can be ordered from Eskimo Kiss Records, and is also available from eMusic and iTunes. In Atlanta, they're available at Criminal Records (L5P), Wax 'n Facts (L5P), ISP (East Atlanta Village), and Wuxtry (Decatur).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantastic band...definitely Atlanta's finest. I'd like to see them on David Letterman's show!

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