Tuesday, March 27

Tweedy A Go-Go

The fine folks from The Owl & The Bear are hosting a number of interesting lossless live recordings at the moment (most in .flac format). One of them immediately caught my eye -- a compilation of live covers played by Wilco and related bands. Rather than go completely nuts, I've converted just a few of my favorites to mp3 format. They're all a bit sloppy and have some goofs, but it's fun to hear Jeff Tweedy playing these gems.

Jeff Tweedy - King of Carrot Flowers Part 1 [Neutral Milk Hotel; 1-29-2005]
Jeff Tweedy - I'm Into Something Good [Herman's Hermits; 9-13-2000]
Jeff Tweedy - Three is a Magic Number [Schoolhouse Rock; 2-17-2002]

Wilco's Sky Blue Sky is due in May. Here's the first release from that album, courtesy of the band:

Wilco - What Light

By the way, if anyone knows if the January 29 Tweedy show from Tabernacle (Atlanta) is circulating please let me know. I haven't tracked it down just yet.


Anonymous Todd said...

Wilco covered Drown & Tear Stained Eye?? How did the universe not implode? Definitely checking these out. Thanks for the heads up!

9:25 AM

Anonymous josh said...

could you please repost the king of carrot flowers cover? i really love that song and i really want to hear tweedy's version...

2:16 AM

Blogger Rachel said...

this show feels like ages ago, but i am STILL searching for a download of this show! just wondering if you've had luck?

9:55 PM

Blogger Rich said...

None at all, but haven't really been looking either. It was a fun one though. :-)

10:11 PM


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