Monday, April 9

Customers suck (or don't)

Adam Renshaw, drummer extraordinaire (Anna Kramer, ex-Forty Fives) and Criminal Records mainstay, is featured in the current issue of Creative Loafing. Adam lists his five favorite customers of that establishment by type:

1) The old-timer: "We have a handful of older, regular customers who come in frequently and dispense wisdom while they shop. I've learned a lot from several of the old-school guys."

2) The excitable teenager: "They're not all completely jaded know-it-alls. It's exciting to see someone discover a band or a record for the first time and be genuinely enthusiastic about it."

3) The person who knows exactly what he wants: "No small talk, no pleasantries, no BS. Thank you for having your shit together."

4) The person who wants to sing you the song he's looking for: "This can be frustrating or confusing, but it's usually hysterical. I love the challenge of trying to decipher what the song might be behind someone's off-key caterwauling."

5) The drunk person: "Hey boozey-face, thanks for coming in to throw your money around. Just so long as you don't begin weeping, we're going to have a fine time spending your money."

I suppose I'm closest to #3, although I'm prone to small talk/pleasantries if it's a clerk I know. I do tend to thoroughly browse the used bins though... so that might put me in a whole other category. Note to self: avoid Criminal while drunk.

The Brunettes - The Record Store


Blogger AmyMeacham said...

Adam is the shit! While I miss the days of hearing his very witty comments about some of the bands that played at the Echo when he and Christine were behind the bar, I'm glad to enjoy his playing and humor with Anna Kramer now. He really should write...

2:05 PM


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