Sunday, April 8

The Postmarks and The Preakness contest and preview

Thanks to the kind people at World's Fair, I have a couple of items available to C&T readers:

1 pair of tickets to the April 12 Postmarks/Preakness show at Drunken Unicorn (ATL)
1 copy of The Postmarks' limited edition remix EP

For those who are unfamiliar, The Postmarks are a rising chamber pop trio from Miami, Florida. Fronted by the charming vocals of Tim Yehezkely (Miss Tim Yehezkely, mind you), they make lush and lovely pop music. They've been getting a good deal of positive buzz online and in print, and they will be touring in support of their debut LP on Unfiltered Records. The Preakness are, of course, one of C&T's favorite pop acts out of Atlanta and have recently released a 7" on Eskimo Kiss Records.

If you'd like either the tix or the remix EP, please drop me an e-mail with "Postmarks tix" or "Postmarks EP" in the subject line. Feel free to enter both, but do send separate entries. Winners will be selected from a (Cubs) hat on Weds., 4/11, at 10AM.

The Postmarks - Goodbye
The Preakness - What They're Saying

From The Postmarks remix EP:

The Postmarks - Goodbye (Tahiti 80 Remix)
The Postmarks - Goodbye (James Iha Remix)
The Postmarks - Goodbye (Spooky Ruben Remix)

Hope to see some locals at the Variety Playhouse for Sebadoh tonight...


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Thanks Rich I liked that!(I'm working on creating a hologram of myself so I can be in 2 places simultaneously Thurs.)

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