Sunday, May 20

Porlolo - Storm and Season

Here's another artist I've been turned on to by one of my old running crew -- Lance recently urged me to check out the debut from Denver's Porlolo. As best I can tell, Porlolo is primarily Erin Roberts. Her music is generally somewhere between country-folk and folk-rock, reminding this listener of such artists as Madeline or Jesse Sykes.

Porlolo's Storm and Season is a strong first release, with tracks both heartfelt and uplifting (though not always simultaneously). Horn arrangements and harmonies complement the traditional guitar-bass-drums setup, giving many of the songs a rich texture. While this record is squarely within a genre in which it can be difficult to stand out, I suspect Roberts is well on her way to doing just that.

Porlolo - Usetonaut
Porlolo - Breakdown

Storm and Season is available from CD Baby.


Anonymous Chris Hassiotis said...

Erin spent several months in Athens in spring of '06, though I don't think she ever played a Porlolo show. Maybe one? She played trumpet with Phosphorescent at several shows - met that band right before SXSW '06 and tagged along with 'em - including one at the EARL that Sloan recorded.

10:55 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Wow, I had no idea. Small world, eh?

11:16 AM

Anonymous Chris Hassiotis said...

Check out this lo-fi video for the Phosphorescent tune "I'm a Full Grown Man" that my friend Jason Howe shot. Erin's the one on trumpet (in the video, not on the recording).

5:41 PM

Anonymous Carrie said...

Check this video out, too. More trumpet, I'm pretty sure it is Erin also.

1:48 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Carrie, link no worky. Getting this message:
"The url contained a malformed video id."
Try again?

Also, Madeline informed me today that she's played twice with Porlolo in Denver. Go figure.

1:53 PM

Anonymous Carrie said...
try this one..

2:08 PM


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