Sunday, June 3

Widowers - "Bone Collecting Ghost"

After recently covering Porlolo and Rabbit is a Sphere, today C&T again turns its attention to Denver. I'm currently intrigued by Widowers, whose brand of psych-pop brings to mind sounds emanating from Athens or Portland rather than the mountain west.

Widowers is led by Denver's Mike Marchant, though its lineup includes members of other local projects. What started last year as a solo vehicle for Marchant has turned into a full-blown band which made its live debut on May 31 in Denver. That I like them probably isn't surprising given their list of influences -- it reads like a glance at my record collection (e.g., Beatles, Beach Boys, Nilsson, Zombies, Beck, Bowie, Radiohead, Olivia Tremor Control, Wilco, etc.). It's hardly shocking that they'd produce compelling and somewhat off-kilter pop songs. They certainly seem to be an act worth watching.

The band has been kind enough to send along a sample track from their recent studio work, and I like what I hear:

Widowers - Bone Collecting Ghost

For more on Widowers, see their Myspace. If you're in the Denver area, they're scheduled to play the Larimer Lounge on June 30.


Blogger Lance said...

Interesting. I was going to be at this show anyway for another act, Hello Kavita. The headliner that night is Shearwater.

9:39 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Just looked at Hello Kavita's Myspace. Whoever books them deserves a raise. Their next three shows are with (1) Great Northern, (2) Point Juncture, WA, and (3) Shearwater.


10:28 PM


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